Settling Down at a Young Age Doesn’t Mean I’m Rushing


i am young. i am twenty-two. i have been living on this earth for twenty-two years. i have graduated high school and college. i have a career. i’ve bought my own car. and i am about to buy my own house with my soon-to-be husband. i am twenty-two. 

i have been through heartbreaks and losses. i have been to college parties and danced on tables. i have turned twenty-one and sat on bathroom floors. i am done. and if you aren’t done doing the things that people in their twenties are supposedly “supposed” to be doing, then that’s ok. but, i am done.

I have always been an old soul. I love getting cozy on the couch with a cup of coffee and a book or a new TV show. I love spending time with my parents and learning how to cook. I love going to the gym and losing track of how long I have been there because I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on the treadmill TV. A night in with homemade dinner and a bottle of wine sounds more appetizing to me than going to a crowded, smoke-filled bar.

When people say, “Oh, you are too young to get married! Have some fun first!”, it really irritates me. Not because I think they’re wrong, but because I know myself and they don’t know me as well as I know myself. They’re right.. I am young. But they’re wrong when they say that I need to “live a little” beforehand. And they are so quick to tell you that too! And people who are opposed to the idea of settling down at a young age are also quick to tell you that you’re marriage won’t last. Fun for me is getting to spend the rest of my days with the person I love the most! Fun for me is getting to pick out new paint for our house. Fun for me is relaxing on the couch watching a movie with my best friend.

I will agree that many young people are unaware of the challenges of marriage. I actually was one of them myself. When Nick and I started dating in high school I knew he was the one. He thought the same about me. That all came crashing down and my world was crushed. But I spent four years learning about who I was, what I wanted, and what I could do to better myself and others around me. Flash forward to February 2017 and we are now 6 months from getting married. The world knew. God knew. We just needed to grow up a little bit. Learn about life. Have new experiences. That’s where I differ from most cases. I am mature. I’ve seen the bad times and the good times and I am so ready for more of them. And I can’t imagine my life any other way. Not to mention… we have some of the best people in our life. Our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. are amazing. They are supportive and understanding. They want the absolute best for us.

I’m not bashing people who are opposed to the idea of settling down young.. actually, I am doing the opposite! I am telling you that you can do whatever you want and you should own it! But that’s the whole point of why I am writing this. Do whatever you want and own it but don’t bash the opposing side — this includes passive aggressive Facebook posts about how getting married young doesn’t make you special. But, I am also telling the people that like to give uninvited opinions to stop. Regardless of your opinion, we are all going to do whatever you want. I am all ears when it comes to advice. I love getting marriage and life advice from people. But when you’re telling me I am making the wrong decision when it comes to MY life, that’s where we have issues.

If you are twenty-something and you want to be doing all the twenty-something things, then do them! Go to bars and dance on tables (That’s just one example. I know you all do more than just get drunk and dance on tables)! Have the time of your life, because I know I am!

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