Who Am I?

I want to be able to relate to my followers as much as possible. So.. I want to tell you a little more about myself and my life.

This blog will include everything that I find joy in, in life. I want to share everything! The ups and downs and everything in between. I am not perfect and I do not intend to portray that I am. I will not spend hours taking pictures to post on my blog. I will not spend nights lying awake in bed trying to think of something to write about. Some things will be good, some will be bad. That’s ok with me. And I feel like not enough people share the “normal-ness” of life. So that is what I intend to do.

I mentioned my interests before: home decor, fitness, food, etc. But I want to tell you more about who I am as a person and what an average day looks life for me.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in May 2017 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. When I graduate high school I had no idea what I wanted to study. I had, and still have, so many interests. It was hard to pick what I wanted to do for the “rest of my life.” I put this in quotes because I probably won’t do what I am currently doing for the rest of my life. During my last semester of college, around March/April 2017, I applied for a job and I got it! I would prefer not to say where I work because they are not affiliated in any way, shape, or form to my personal blog. Anyways, I’ve been working at my current job since April 2017 and it’s a great job! Nick, my husband-to-be, is also a recent graduate from SIUE. He graduated in December 2017 with a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Finance (smarty pants). He is currently working in the accounting department of a credit union and he loves it! We both could not be happier with the way our lives are going. We are beyond blessed with the most amazing parents and family, who are always there to support us.

I also mentioned before that we are getting married in August 2018! We have been engaged for almost a year and a half and we are so ready to begin married life. We still live separately. Each with our parents. It’s tough sometimes but when I think about, waiting will be worth it. Nick and I have been dating for just over two years….well….it’s complicated. We dated in high school for almost a year, broke up, he graduated before me, went to the University of Illinois, I went to SIUE, 2 years later he moved back home, we got back together, and now we are engaged. This is super simplified but that’s pretty much what happened. Back to my point….. Nick and I have known each other for a LONG time and if we bought a house together now, getting married wouldn’t change much. I am so excited for the day that I get to be his wife and live in the same house. But, like I said…. the waiting makes the reward so much sweeter.

I live with my Dad, step-Mom, 11 year-old brother, 13 year-old step-brother, 16 year-old step-sister, and the sweetest pup in all the lands, Lulu (formally known as Ursulla). My house is crazy but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Right down the road from our house lives my Mom, her boyfriend, my brother, and the other sweet pup, Roxy. I love these guys to pieces too! My brother stays with my mom 1/2 the time and my dad 1/2 the time. And finally, Nick’s parents! This family includes Nick, his Mom, his Dad, and his 20 year-old sister. They do so much for us and I could not ask for better future in-laws. All-in-all, I am blessed with some of the best people ever.

Who am I? I am shy and quiet to people I don’t know. I am loud, funny (at least I think so), smart, brave, hardworking, silly, too serious sometimes, sleepy (always), and overall happy! That’s right folks….. I just bragged about myself! I like to think of myself in a positive manner… sue me. I have three very best friends that I couldn’t ever live without. I have been friends with these chicks since Freshman year of high school and they haven’t left my side yet! Two of them are in school to be nurses, and the other just graduated to be a Dental Hygienist. Seriously guys…. they are my go-to-gals, my sugar(s) to my cinnamon, my peanut butter(s) to my jelly… anyways, you get the point. They rock.

A typical day for me looks like this: Work, Gym (sometimes), Dinner, TV/Movie/Etc, Bed, Repeat. Boring I know. But now I have blogging to do in my spare time!! And I am so ecstatic that I have something to do that I love on a daily basis! I really hope you enjoy reading my blog! I am open to advice, topics, help, etc. Please feel free to leave a comment, email me, or message me.

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