5 Style Trends I’m Obsessing Over









Photo Cred: Fixer Upper, Studio McGee, The Golden Girl Blog


  1. Round Mirrors

These mirrors are gorgeous! Retro yet modern. Farmhouse yet boho chic. So pretty. However, hard to find! I found one at Target that had a gold rim but it was nearly $100… but now it’s on sale (see link below). Worth it? I think so but I’m trying to convince my soon-to-be hubby!

Get a stylish round mirror here!

  1. Herringbone Floor Pattern

Tile, wood, or laminate, I think this pattern looks so cool! I think it is a unique feature that isn’t too overpowering. Just the perfect amount of pattern that doesn’t make you dizzy!

  1. White Kitchen

White cabinets, white countertops, white backsplash! It looks clean, feels clean, and looks super sharp! Not only does it feel modern and crisp but it also gives off a farmhouse style. I love farmhouse anything! Adding a pop of color with a runner, plants, light fixtures, handles, etc. makes the white pop and adds a little bit of extra life to the overall color scheme!

  1. Mid Century Furniture

I love the legs on this furniture. Instead of your furniture laying flat on the floor and closing off all of the open space, it sits up off the floor on these cute little modern legs. I think this furniture opens up your space. When you put these pieces with farmhouse style elements it creates a beautiful mix of decor. Click here to see how I recreated a French provincial style dresser into a more modern TV stand. I love my TV stand because it has feet just like mid century furniture does!

  1. Mix Matched Furniture

Instead of buying a bedroom “outfit” the trend now is to buy separate pieces, sometimes fixer-upper pieces, and put them together. I love this trend! Pairing a wooden bed with black nightstands, or colored chairs with a wood table, etc. I think this trend really shows a persons true style. Instead of having to like every piece of furniture in the same wood stain, you can pull different styles and pieces together to create a more personalized space.

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