My Weekly Goals – 4/23/18

Weekly Goals

  1. End each weekday with a calorie deficit of 300-500 calories.
  2. Get 10,000 steps a day Monday through Friday!
  3. No added sugar – that includes coffee!!!!
  4. No junk/fried foods.

Even though I am super busy, I am going to do my best to accomplish these goals. I think it is important to set small goals. It makes the bigger picture of a “healthier you” much easier to accomplish. For example, if you drink a lot of soda, set a weekly goal for yourself to only have a certain amount of soda a day. Each day it will get easier and easier and I bet eventually you could eliminate soda from your diet altogether! I also think small, weekly goals are important because it motivates you to think about yourself for a minute. I know you are all busy with kids, work, school, etc. but make time for yourself!

Let me know if you set weekly goals for yourself and what those goals are. 🙂

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