My Favorite Lip Products!



Guys….. this is absolutely ridiculous… I’ve never even worn half of these!

But seriously I have a few favorites in this crazy pile.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

This stuff is amazing! It is great for an everyday use and is also a great transition into an evening. It feels like a cross between a lip balm (Chapstick, Vaseline, etc.) and a normal lip stick. It is super sheer and the color is molded by the color of your lips. For me, it turns out pretty red because I have naturally dark dip lips. But for others, it can be a very light shade. This product is soft and easy to go on. I take it everywhere with me!

Another one of my favorites, that wasn’t pictured, is:

Vaseline Rosy Lips: I love this product because it hydrates my lips but also brings out a great color. It makes it look like I have a lip gloss on but it isn’t sticky and it provides a beautiful rich pink color.

My last two go-to lip products are the L’Oreal Paris Nude Balm and the Colour Riche Balm.

Nude Balm in Plush Plum: This lip product goes on very smooth and easy. It is definitely a lip stick but it goes on like more of a lip balm… hence “nude balm”. The color is very vibrant and it stays smooth all day without getting cake-y.

Colour Riche in Caramel Comfort: This lip stick is essentially the same as the one I mentioned above. But this color is light and perfect for spring/summer. It’s a peachy color that gives you just enough shine.

After writing this down…. I realize that I definitely have a “type” when it comes to lip products! I love anything that goes on sheer that gives me a great color! If anyone has any suggestions on products that I should look into… I would love to hear them!!

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