How I Recreated My Favorite Pinterest Bedroom Decor

I spent countless hours searching through Pinterest trying to find the inspiration to the perfect bedroom decor. I had just gotten a cozy new king size bed and I wanted to dress it up perfectly. When I ran across this photo, I knew it was what I wanted! Instead of clicking the link, I decided to try to recreate it on my own. Thankfully, I found pretty much all of it at one store!

1. Target – Raw Edge Quilt in Gray

2. Target – Raw Edge Quilted Sham in Gray

Since I was only able to get these in standard size, I bought three to fill up the width of our bed.

3. Target – Gray Plaid Throw Pillow

I bought two of these to put in the very back by our headboard. After I put all of my bedding together I realized that our bed was so wide that I needed three pillows! I still haven’t made the trip to buy another one.

4. White Sheets

No particular brand! I always like to go feel the sheets before I buy them. I think we went with Fieldcrest.

5. Front Throw Pillows

I am still looking for the perfect throw pillows for our bed. I can’t decided what print I want. Floral? Abstract?

P.S. thanks to for the inspiration!

Now I’m on a mission to find the PERFECT bedroom set. Lord help me!

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