I am always looking for a good DIY project! So when I stumbled upon this old, yellow, Victorian-style dresser I instantly knew that I wanted to refurbish it!

I started off this project by removing all of the hardware. While I sanded down the dresser to get rid of any imperfections (including the Dora the Explorer sticker on the side), I soaked the handles and applique in a part vinegar, part water solution. This helps to get rid of any rust and/oil that might be on them.

Next, I sanded down every square inch of this dresser. I used a medium handheld sandpaper. I did not sand to the very base layer but I wanted a smooth surface to put my new coat of paint on. After I finished sanding, I wiped the dresser down with warm, soapy water. Once dried, I moved on to painting.

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in an ivory/cream color for the entire piece. After painting, I sanded around the edges of the piece to distress it a bit.

The final part of refurbishing this old dress into a TV cabinet is to leave out the top two drawers for DVD players, Cable boxes, etc. I painted the inside of the holes where the drawers went to brighten it up a bit! Although I do not love the the hardware, it will do for now. I am still on the hunt for the perfect farmhouse handles!

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