Couponing at Target!

Have you ever thought about joining the crazy world of extreme couponing? I did and I went on a mission to learn how! While I don’t coupon as extreme as others might, I do know how to save some money. The only store that I have tried couponing at so far is Target. The use of the Target app and the Cartwheel savings makes it very easy to save money!

My first piece of advice is to go read the Quick Start Coupon Guide to Couponing with KCL (Krazy Coupon Lady). They know their stuff and this guide helped me learn the couponing terminology very quickly!

Once you have read the guide, I suggest downloading the following apps: Target, Ibotta, and Krazy Coupon Lady. Create accounts for both Cartwheel and Ibotta. I use these apps not only every time I coupon, but also anytime I shop at Target or anywhere else!




The Krazy Coupon Lady saves you time and money when couponing. They do all of the grunt work for you. They find the top deals at all participating stores and tell you what coupons to use to get the best deals.

I, personally, like to find the deals myself sometimes. I look at the top deals that Target has and then I look if there are any corresponding coupon/discounts on Cartwheel. I also check ibotta to see if there are any rebates to send it.

I enjoy couponing at Target because they do many deals where you get a gift card back if you purchase a certain amount of $ and/or items on select products. If you get lucky and you can combine a coupon, a % off discount, and ibotta rebate, and a gift card back… you can end up saving so much money!

Cons of Couponing at Target

After trial and error and spending many hours at the customer service desk, I have learned that the Target app does not always work the best. It is super convenient that they have one app with one barcode that combines all of your coupons. However, there is a drawback to this app. For example, you find on Cartwheel that there is a 15% off all drink products Cartwheel discount and there is also a $2 off manufacturer coupon for Dasani water bottle packs. I have found that when you checkout, the discount (15% off) will be applied, but sometimes the manufacturer coupons do not go through. That can make or break your couponing trip! My suggestion to you is to print out your manufacturer coupons. Or, when you checkout, just pay close attention and ask the cashier to check to see if all of your coupons came off.

Read the KCL Guide and do a practice round at home to see what your total would be and what you saved!!

Couponing can be fun and worthwhile! Please let me know if you have any questions. I wish you the best of luck in your next couponing journey.

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