Brown Dog Art & Design

Within the last 4-5 months my father has been working really hard to create beautiful furniture, decor, carvings, etc. He is CRAZY TALENTED and has always been interested in it. He decided that he wanted to do more of what he loved and created a Facebook/Instagram for himself. As I mentioned in my about me, my father used to be in the Army. Everyone who worked with him called him Brown Dog (which he also has a tattoo of, but that’s a story for another time). And so a baby was born — Brown Dog Art & Design.

A little background info — when my dad was a little boy, he spent a lot of time with his grandpa who taught him all about carving and other wood crafts. And my grandpa, my father’s dad, is also very talented. The two of them are always out and about doing something. Which I think drives my step-mom and grandma crazy sometimes. My dad currently has a full-time job at a local refinery where he works 12 hour shifts. Although he has little time between work and supporting four kids (and a dog, which, if you ask him, is just another kid), he dedicates most, if not all, of his free time to producing beautiful work for his clients.

I wanted to show you guys a project that he recently completed. This beautiful farmhouse table is made from reclaimed cedar wood. The black accent in the legs looks stunning against the light stain on top. I am sure that the family who received this will spend countless hours laughing, arguing, discussing, debating, and loving at this table. Please feel free to reach out to him if you are in need of any type of furniture, decor, etc. I will put his information at the bottom.

Brown Dog Art & Design

Instagram: @browndogartanddesign

Facebook: Brown Dog Art & Design 

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