Monday mornings



I apparently woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. I did NOT want to get up and get ready for work. I was convinced that today was going to be a terrible day and it was already ruined by a noisy and highly annoying alarm clock. There was no turning back. I call this the “Monday Blues.” Here are 8 ways to cope:


Extra LARGE with cream and sugar-free vanilla syrup, please! Thank you, Starbucks. You made this morning just a little sweeter (not too sweet though… February = No Sugar).


Take a shower and wake up a little bit! Even if you aren’t a morning shower person… it is refreshing and it starts your day off right. Even if you don’t want to start the day at all!

Listen To Your Favorite Radio Station

And I don’t just mean turn it on… I mean sing along, dance, listen and laugh to the morning show. Don’t drive to work with a frown on your face because chances are… you’ll walk into work with a frown on your face. Cheer yourself up.

Plan Your Day

If you know that you are going into work with piles upon piles of paperwork on your desk… plan it out. Plan out each task and time frame that you’d like to complete it in. Not only will you be more efficient, the workday will go by faster because you know what you are supposed to be doing. Create a list every Monday morning and work from that all week. Don’t forget to cross off tasks that you have completed. It will make you feel very accomplished!

Drink A LOT of Water

While the coffee was my #1 way to fight the Monday blues…. if you don’t drink water you will start to feel jittery and tired. Drink water all day! You need to stay hydrated and it also is an excuse to get up from your desk every once in awhile. Stretch your legs and keep the blood flowing. Although I do this everyday, it is so important on Monday’s because it dictates how the rest of your week will go!

Talk To People

Just because you’re in a bad mood doesn’t mean that everyone else is. It will make you feel better to socialize. Just because it is work doesn’t mean that you have to turn off all communication that is not work-related. Other people’s good moods are bound to cheer you up.

Move On

Move on from anything bad that happened over the weekend. Keep moving forward. Do not dwell on things that are in the past. You cannot change them, you can only make today a better day. Let go of your frustrations. I like to take a moment in the morning to do this. It doesn’t matter how you let go of things – prayer, within yourself, ripping up pieces of paper, etc. It will feel good. Try it.

Look Nice

Get up early enough to feel good about your appearance when you leave. Leave yourself enough time to put on your favorite outfit and some makeup. I promise it will make you feel more organized. And people think you have your life together if you look decent on a Monday… That’s always a plus!

Happy Monday! 🙂

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