DIY Project – Old Window Pane

This Christmas my friends and I decided that we would do a DIY gift exchange. WOOHOO! This meant that I got to do a home decor project. Off to Pinterest I went, searching for the perfect gift for my bestie. I ended up with two DIYs: homemade snowflake Christmas ornaments and a vintage window with a cute saying on it.

I unfortunately do not have a picture of the snowflake ornaments I made, so I will just give ya’ll a run-down of my window project.

What You Need:
– an old window
– Rust-Oleum White Glass Marker
– a dry erase marker
– a rag/paper towels
– 409 cleaner or something similar (for mistakes…they’re inevitable)

Step 1: Clean the window with warm water and soap to get any form of residue off of the glass.

Step 2: On the front side of the window, the side that will face out once you hang it, draw out whatever you want with dry erase marker. I chose “Thankful, Grateful, Blessed”.

Step 3: Flip the window over and trace the words/art you drew on the front with the Rust-Oleum White Glass Marker.

Step 4: Flip the window back over to the front and wipe off the dry erase marker.

Step 5: Admire your beautiful new piece!!

I got this idea from:

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