Good Morning & Happy Hump Day!

As I sit here contemplating if I am going to go the gym tonight (highly unlikely considering it is 1 degree outside), I reminisce on the workout I did with my friend last Thursday! She kicked my butt. I told her a few weeks ago that I needed to whip myself into gear for my wedding that is approaching at a rapid pace. My problem is… if it’s up to me to go to the gym…. I won’t do it! So with the help of her, we have been going for the past couple of weeks and let me tell you… I have been working HARD.

Last Thursday we did a back workout and we started off the evening by getting some cardio in. I always like to do this to start out because I feel like it really gets me warmed up and loosens up my body before I lift weights. I’ve heard so many different things on what order you should workout in. Some say that you should do cardio at the end so you don’t wear yourself out by the time you get to lifting weights. Others say that it is best to get warmed up first with a little cardio before you lift weights to avoid injury… But you know what? Do whatever feels right for you!

I have been using a Fitbit for the past few years to track my steps, calories burned, floors climbed, etc. I find this super useful when I go to the gym because I can keep track of how long I have been working out and how many calories I have burned.

Here is the workout that I did!

Back Workout 1/11/18

Walked on treadmill for 27 minutes.

  • Incline: 7-9
  • Speed: 3.6-4

Narrow grip lat pull down – 3 sets (drop set on 3rd set)

  • 60lbs X 15
  • 75lbs X 10
  • 90lbs X 5
  • 60lbs X 5

Seated rows – 3 sets

  • 60lbs X 15
  • 70lbs X 12
  • 80lbs X 5
  • 60lbs X 5

Lat pull downs – 3 sets

  • 60lbs X 10
  • 60lbs X 12
  • 70lbs X 10

Deadlift (focus on using back but do not strain) – 4 sets

  • 115lbs X 10
  • 120lbs X 10
  • 130lbs X 10
  • 150lbs X 8

T bar row – 4 sets (drop set on 4th set)

  • 25lbs X 15
  • 35lbs X 15
  • 45lbs X 13
  • 55lbs X 10
  • 25lbs X 10

Straight arm pull downs – 4 sets (drop set on 4th set)

  • 40lbs X 10
  • 50lbs X 10
  • 50lbs X 10
  • 60lbs X 6
  • 40lbs X 5

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